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Creative Management
Product Design
Distoric Design Group offers cutting edge industrial design with a focus on the product development process. We utilize our strong ability to conceptualize products and services and develop them into actionable designs. Our design team begins with research to observe users, environments and technologies to develop actionable insights. Our conceptual specialists begin sketching possible opportunities and developing designs. We refine the designs using sophisticated CAD software. We can then create a three- dimensional computer model, allowing us to save your business money and time. Distoric can rapid prototype parts for validation testing and aesthetic review. Distoric utilizes its diversified management team to oversee the development of your product from concept to production. Our management team understands your company’s brand and strategy, which leads to creating successful products.

Market Research
Who will be using your product? How much will they pay for it? What kind of Intellectual property restrictions are there in that market? There are tons of questions that need to be answered before product development can begin. Our market research will answer those questions and identify opportunities.
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Conceptual Development
Our design team can rejuvenate your existing designs or envision innovative new opportunities. Distoric conceptual specialists are experts in visualizing ideas and effectively communicating them through drawings, renderings and multimedia presentations.
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Computer Modeling
Save time and money by evaluating your products digitally first. From engineering analysis to photo-realistic renderings, computer modeling is a must in product development.
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Rapid Prototyping
From appearance models to functional prototypes, being able to hold and interact with your product before investing in production can save you substantial amounts of money.
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Product Management
You need to get your product from concept to store shelves, but there are a lot of steps in between. We handle every aspect of new product management so you can focus on more important things; like what your next product is going to be.
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