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Digital Design
Distoric believes presentations need to be powerful, navigationally efficient and visually effective to work. We use our strategic and creative approach to make your interaction requirements work for your intended user group. Nearly everyone has been overwhelmed by a website that was so confusing they just gave up on it. In order to present information or interact with media effectively, it needs to focus on the user group, the environment it is being used in and its purpose. At Distoric, we truly believe in the importance of these aspects and will address your company's needs accordingly.

We develop everything from basic informational websites to secure stores and databases. Distoric has your online world covered. Whether you already have an online identity for us to design around, or need us to create one for you. We can design an alluring and functional website. Our designers work directly with our programmers to ensure a smooth transition and an amazing look for your company.
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We design cutting edge presentations that deliver any message with a punch. We develop Powerpoint®, Keynote®, and Flash® presentations that are worthy of any high level CEO. In addition to presentation design, we offer on-site support and production to insure presentations flow smoothly. Our executive service plan has an on-site, money back no-crash guarantee. Take your presentations to the next level with Distoric.
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We design digital interfaces from product controls and software to electronic forms. The interface specialist at Distoric map digital workflows, identify logic in actions and make them efficient. After function is clearly planned, we then create a visual language that complements the purpose, brand and application.
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Motion Graphics
The motion graphics team can make any multimedia presentation great with custom video titles, animations, 3D graphics and compositing. We design the graphics as well as implement them into video sequences. Motion graphics can help simplify and explain complex systems as well as add aesthetic quality to a video or presentation.
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