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Creative Management
Product Design Digital Design Brand & Marketing Experience & Space
Creative Management
At Distoric Design Group, it is all about the process. The leadership in our company comes from individuals with education and practice in industrial design and business administration, with an emphasis on research, manufacturing and intellectual property. In addition, we have specialists in graphic design, business, programming and engineering. With our diverse team, we are able to create beautiful and innovative products and experiences that are able to succeed in the market.

Product Design | Learn More  
We can develop your company's products to make them drive sales. Integrated together with brand identity, we can enhance your products aesthetics, ergonomics and function. Our company design process allows us to take on any design project with a proven method of strategic creativity. Whether you are looking to develop a new concept or are interested in re-designing an existing product, Distoric Design Group is the answer. • Market Research
• Conceptual Development
• Computer Modeling
• Rapid-Prototyping
• Product Management

Digital Design | Learn More  
Presentations need to be powerful and navigation needs to be effective to work. We use our strategic and creative approach to make your interaction needs work for the intended user group. Nearly everyone has been overwhelmed by a website that was so confusing they just gave up on it. In order to present information or interact with media effectively, it needs to focus on the user group, the environment it is being used in and its purpose. At Distoric, we truly believe in the importance of these aspects and will address your company's needs accordingly.

• Websites
• Presentations
• Interfaces
• Motion Graphics

Brand & Marketing | Learn More  
A competitive market requires top-notch business identities and marketing to succeed. Our brand and marketing services can create a strong identity from scratch or revitalize and existing one. In addition, our print services can deliver high-quality printing at an affordable price. Whether you are ready to develop your company's identity, establish a new brand name or simply create a new logo Distoric can make it happen.

• Brand Consultancy
• Business Identity
• Packaging
• Advertising Design
• Print

Experience & Space | Learn More  
The space we live and do business has a large impact on how things are done. The way companies present themselves and their products are crucial to their success. We design tradeshow exhibits, storyboard commercials, design in-store display and constructed atmospheres. Our conceptual experiences can help visualize your projects and create interest for investors.

• Storyboarding
• Environments
• Displays & Fixtures
• Signs
• Point of Sales