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Distoric Design Process Diagram
•Needs Assessment

The needs assessment is the first analysis required after the product has been defined. This is when we look at the product and its features to determine the requirements. What does it take to make the product work? How long does the product need to last? What is the desired end-of-life cycle? There are a lot of needs associated with a new product's development and the earlier we catch them, the more you save in down the road.

•Production Plan

This phases follows the business integration stage very closely. The production plan is where you determine the quantities and methods for manufacturing. It is important to calculate the approximate production before taking the technical design too far to capture any possible economies of scale. If you are only looking at making a small number of higher end products, the manufacturing process and resulting design requirements are going to be different that something that is being mass produced. The production plan builds the foundation for the entire production process.

•Technical Design

The technical design phase is when we lock down dimensions and tolerances. This stage involves taking conceptual drawings and models and turning them into production ready solids models, technical drawings, or press ready files.


Where we are making products, packaging or print materials, if we are making them in bulk we make prototypes first. A prototype or appearance model provide one last opportunity to catch any problems that were not evident in the digital designs. This is where we verify dimensions, ensure fit and test functionality. The prototyping phase can save tremendous amounts of money by allowing changes to be made before committing to a full production run.


After all of the designs are finalized, materials are selected and processes are determined, it is time to go into production. The product that began as a simple problem is now ready to enter the world as a solution.

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Conceptual Development Idea Production Business Integration