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Distoric Design Process Diagram
•Problem Definition

We start by evaluating a situation for problems and opportunities. What is currently being used? What works? What doesn't? The more questions we ask, the more we find. The problem definition phase involves research and idea mapping. At the end of this phase, we narrow down a wide range of problems into the key factors we want to solve.


Once the problem has been defined, we analyze it for opportunities. The analysis phase involves finding the key ingredients needed to solve the defined problem. The information found is then used to inspire conceptual exploration.

•Conceptual Exploration

This is where all of the fun begins. The conceptual exploration phase starts taking key opportunities found in the analysis and turning them into solutions. Our conceptual exploration involves a lot of sketching, mock-ups and creativity.


•Concept Refinement

After coming up with a wide range of concepts through exploration, we then start narrowing down the ideas and choosing the most important features and feasible designs. This phase takes the sketches even further into presentation drawings, computer renderings and detailed mock-ups. At the end of this phase, we are ready to define the final product.

•Concept Definition

It is during this phase, the final concept begins to take shape. All of the product's features are defined, the overall design is in place and we are ready to move into production. This is the time to take the now refined concept to the stakeholders for approval and funding for production.

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Conceptual Development Idea Production Business Integration