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•Market Analysis

The entire business integration stage is crucial to our process. We begin by analyzing the market and looking for opportunities and threats. Through the use of several research and development tools, we paint a detailed picture of the potential market and determine the feasibility of new products, brands and solutions. We take a close look at competitors, possible substitutions, market elasticity and more.

•Definition of Target User

"Universal" is a hard title to pull off. It is hard to satisfy everyone's needs and requirements, so it is important to determine who you are targeting. We use our market analysis to project which users will be the most profitable and then define the target user groups accordingly. This definition drives design, controls the marketing plan and creates products that are more effective.

•Budget and Timeline Plan

When it comes to concept development, the sky is the limit...unless you have a budget. Determining a budget and timeline early on in the development process keeps projects moving and increases the accuracy of projected returns. We work hard to deliver the best product possible given any budget and timeline.

•Brand Definition and Plan

An awesome product with a horrible brand name and market presence doesn't do any good. Brand definition is a crucial step in the success of a product. We design the brand and product at the same time to create a unified image and ensure the success of the overall package. The brand needs to fit the target user just as much as the product does.

•Marketing Plan and Execution

Products sitting on the shelf do not create revenue. A good marketing plan creates demand which leads to product turnover. After thoroughly researching the market, users and competition, we know your product and it's environment better than anyone. We put our creativity to work creating effective and innovative marketing plans and help you execute them.

•Supply Chain Management

The global business environment is constantly changing and its affect on your products can drastically change your success. We travel all over the world on a regular basis touring factories, negotiating material costs and ensure the best products for the cheapest cost.

•Product and Marketing Feedback

After the product is on the market, it is important to evaluate it's success. We gather feedback from users, identity successful areas and determine ways to improve the next revision of the product. From focus groups to field research, it is important to see how the product is really being perceived.

•Strategic Planning: The Future

At the end of the day, it is already time to start again. Therefore, we start exploring future products and revisions early in the process. Preplanning for version 2.0, while still creating version 1, is how you ensure sustainable success in a competitive and constantly changing marketplace.

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Conceptual Development Idea Production Business Integration