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Experience creates inspiration, which leads to innovation.
The Top 5 Characteristics of Our Business Culture:
1.) Innovative

From client work to day-to-day business, we look for individuals who can think outside the box. It is an attitude of critical analysis that defines problems and a constant desire for improvement that creates solutions. Everything can be improved and that is the philosophy our business is based on.


2.) Passionate

Our team is made of individuals who are self-starters and work towards a common goal. At Distoric, it is about more that getting the job done; it's about creating desirable and responsible solutions. We succeed by striving to be the best at everything we do.


3.) Experience Driven

We believe that the best way to learn is through doing. We encourage our team to actively interact with the problems they are working with and the environments surrounding them. For example, if we are researching hydration systems for the outdoors, we will go rock-climbing and trail running just to gain first hand knowledge of the environment and situation involved. This is the best way to understand the needs of the user and design accordingly.


4.) Dependable

We only hire people who are dependable and trustworthy. We need people who are not afraid to speak their mind but also execute genuine concern for others. In addition, our workload is often extremely intense and deadlines are not flexible. Our team is reliable and always prepared to deliver on schedule.


5.) Fun

Distoric is full of people who love what they do. A friendly and casual environment allows individuals to express their talents in their own way which creates a much more innovative environment to work in. We take pride in having a strong work ethic but even more pride in the way we get work done.

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