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Distoric Design Group offers cutting edge design services that integrate innovative design with quantifiable results. We place an emphasis on creating responsible products that benefit the user, the stakeholders and the environment. Through working closely with our clients, we are able to deliver professional and accurate results in a timely manner. Our diverse design and management team has experience in business, engineering and design, which allows us to successfully tackle a wide range of projects with precision. In addition, we use the latest technology and our highly effective techniques to create and present our work in an innovated way. As technology advances, we continue to develop our techniques, which allows us to stay in the forefront of our industry.
Distoric was founded in 2004 to fill a growing need for integrated creative services. Our team began working together while at Arizona State University on a project for the U.S. Army and began to develop an innovative strategy for problem solving and new product development. This was the foundation of Distoric Design Group. Along the way, Distoric brought on other specialists who's skills range from computer programming to model making. Since the beginning, Distoric has worked on a wide range of creative problems including new product development, packaging and brand design, motion graphics, web development, and more.
Distoric works with a wide range of clients on a continual basis in addition to internal product development. No two projects are the same, and the diversity is what keeps the team motivated. Distoric's services cover a wide range of areas from initial ideation to manufacturing and distribution.

The future can be summed up with one word: Innovation. It is our goal to positively impact the world with innovative products and services with a focus on responsible design. It is our intention to continually develop, license and manufacture new products while helping our clients innovate their businesses at the same time.


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